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The Scholar, Age 5

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I'm A Lifelong Learner...
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I Still Love Learnin'!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

FAB FRIDAY- More Fun Stuff from THE DOLLAR TREE and SUCH..

 Some of my latest finds at the Dollar Tree:

More about the puzzle and how I use them to build teams below.

Here are some other purchases from another Dollar Tree  location. More treasures!

 From Amazon's used books, I found several copies of Book 1 of The 39 Clues ( Maze of Bones) for $0.01 so I only paid shipping. These were hardbacks in very good condition. One is stamped Goodwill so that is another possibility for good books if you have a store nearby. I will be using the 39 Clues Book 1 as a team-building unit this year when school starts. So now I have several copies, and Amazon offered it as a free download so now I have a FREE copy on my Kindle.:)

Now to the puzzles:

I bought several of the $1.00  puzzles while we did our camping unit for The Week in The Woods. The puzzles were a "just in case we had a rainy day or a too hot to go outside day" activity.  ( It got up to the high 90's here in SC before we got out the first week of June). The most popular puzzles were the 50 states and among the boys- tractors, cranes,  and bulldozers. I let the camping  cabins ( cooperative groups) work during morning work  on a puzzle together, BUT I challenged them to not talk ( tee-hee). I was amazed at how quiet they were as they worked to solve the puzzles. We did this puzzle-solving/ teamwork activity the last few weeks of school, and the kids never tired of it.  I have now decided that the idea of 1) quiet,  2) working together, and  3) solving a problem  are all skills that will be something we now do with puzzles in the FIRST  weeks of school this year.



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PLEASE: Like, Follow, and Comment
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Our Class is Like FAMILY
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Proud of Scholars: All Grown Up
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